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Abhinaba Das

How to replace a bit plane in an image with a bit plane of another image?

Asked by Abhinaba Das
on 29 Mar 2013

Hello, To implement digital watermarking I want to replace 3 LSB bitplanes of asset image with 3 MSB bitplanes of message image but I doubt whether my code is correct. Below is the code I have written.

asset = imread('C:\asset.jpg'); 
orig = imresize(asset,[480 640]); 
BI0 = bitget(orig,1)*(2^0);
BI1 = bitget(orig,2)*(2^1);
BI2 = bitget(orig,3)*(2^2);
BI3 = bitget(orig,4)*(2^3);
BI4 = bitget(orig,5)*(2^4);
BI5 = bitget(orig,6)*(2^5);
BI6 = bitget(orig,7)*(2^6);
BI7 = bitget(orig,8)*(2^7);
msg = imresize(wm,[480 640]);
BW0 = bitget(msg,1)*(2^0);
BW1 = bitget(msg,2)*(2^1);
BW2 = bitget(msg,3)*(2^2);
BW3 = bitget(msg,4)*(2^3);
BW4 = bitget(msg,5)*(2^4);
BW5 = bitget(msg,6)*(2^5);
BW6 = bitget(msg,7)*(2^6);
BW7 = bitget(msg,8)*(2^7);

When I am using the command imshow(watermark) the effect of message picture is very much pronounced it's not getting hidden in the asset image. Please help me. Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 29 Mar 2013

Don't forget to uint8() the watermarked result


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