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matlab certification

Asked by Prateek
on 6 May 2011
Latest activity Edited by Stephen Cobeldick
on 15 Jan 2016

Does mathworks provide any certification in matlab If yes where can i get details regarding it.

If not is there any other globally recognized organisation providing the same. thnx in advance...........


Matt Tearle
on 20 Apr 2012

Important update: see my new answer below...

$600 plus plane ticket, hotel costs, and 3 wasted vacation days, no thanks! In fact, no one I asked in my field even knew about the certification program. At least for now, it won't exactly help me get anywhere...

@Kaccie Li: you had to take vacation days? What a miserly company!


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3 Answers

Answer by Matt Tearle
on 19 Apr 2012
 Accepted answer

Ask and it shall be given unto you:

There is now a new answer to this queston: yes. In case you missed it: yes. And to clarify: YES.

Yes, you can become MATLAB certified.


EDIT TO ADD: Congratulations to our first MATLAB Certified Associates! (Want to join the club? Click the link above...)


It's a big difference from the "For FREE" pricing you mentioned before ;-)

(I suspect for most people, the travel and accommodation costs would be higher than the exam costs itself.)

Matt Tearle
on 19 Apr 2012

Well that was the price for the product offered at that time. Current pricing reflects significant improvements in the product!

on 4 May 2012

Wish they would offer Simulink certification too. Perhaps some day. For those who have gotten other kinds of software certifications: did your employer pay? What is the advantage to the employer to have a certified employee, perhaps that you have to increase your skills to pass?

Answer by Matt Tearle
on 6 May 2011

RoJo is correct.

You receive confirmation of any MathWorks training courses you complete, but there is currently no MathWorks certification program for MATLAB. People have asked for this and it is under consideration.


I'll give a fun example of logical indexing from my work yesterday. I have an nx3 matrix and I needed to find the maximum absolute value in each row and its index. I then needed to accumulate these into 6 bins: columns 1-3 where the maximum absolute is positive and the other and columns 1-3 where max(abs) was negative. Instead of using ind2sub with the row index and the winning column to check the sign, I used these lines which involve plenty of your favorite thing Matt:

[~,idx_mx] = max(abs(posneg),[],2);%abs max will be equal to min if negative
[~,idx_mn] = min(posneg,[],2);
lox(ii,[3 1 5]) = accumarray(idx_mx(idx_mx==idx_mn),1,[3 1]).';
lox(ii,[4 2 6]) = accumarray(idx_mx(idx_mx~=idx_mn),1,[3 1]).';

Epic win with logical indexing over two calls to sub2ind/sign!

Matt, seeing as you passed up a lovely chance to use logical indexing, I'll be expecting my certificate soon ;-)

Matt Tearle
on 6 May 2011

You can (and, indeed, already do) have all the certificates we currently offer! For FREE! What a bargain.

Answer by RoJo
on 6 May 2011

Mathworks certify that you complete their courses.

You can request the brochure at

However, if you are looking for an exam structure similar to Java certification I am not aware of any, apart from being part of university courses.


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