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The difference between semicolon and comma

Asked by engineerOfPhysics on 31 Mar 2013

Hi matlab community ,

I am working on let' s say a homework. I realized that during the homework, The representations one of them x=[1,2,3] and x=[1;2;3] are different. What is the different between them? I get a solution using both of them but different.



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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

on 31 Mar 2013
Accepted answer
 x = [1,2,3];  

creates a 1x3 row vector.

 x =  [1;2;3]; 

creates a 3x1 column vector

1 Comment

engineerOfPhysics on 31 Mar 2013

Well Why I get different result when I plot of sin(x) function ? between these values. ?

Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

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