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M@lik Ali

How to get the index from a matirx

Asked by M@lik Ali
on 31 Mar 2013

Hi all

i have two matrix A and B, the size of A is like 10 86 and size of B is 3 86.

actually the matrix B is inside the matrix A.

now what i want is to know the index from matrix A where the vectors of matrix B exist.

like we have a row 1,2,3... 86 in matrix B and same in matrix A as well. I want to get the index of A where this row exist in A. please help me.




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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 31 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer

   A = randn(10,10);
   B = A(3:6,:);
   [C,IA,IB] = intersect(A,B,'rows','stable');

IA gives you the row indices in A where B is

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