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move y and x label to the end of the label

Asked by Locks
on 31 Mar 2013

per default the name for the x and y label are in the middle of the label itself, but I would like to see them at the end of the label.

is there any chance I could have an arrow at the end of the label?

how can I add a dotted line which goes through y=7 and has the same lenght as hte x-axis?

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the cyclist
on 31 Mar 2013

You seem to be asking three questions here. A better approach might have been to submit three separate questions.



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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 31 Mar 2013
 Accepted answer

For the dotted line:

xlim = get(gca,'XLim');
h = line(xlim,[7 7]);


on 31 Mar 2013

this is working pefectly

do you have any idea how to do the other two things?

the cyclist
on 31 Mar 2013

I propose that the best way to get your answers (and to help others who search for similar answers later) is to

  1. delete the other two questions from this post
  2. create two new questions (where other people will see them more easily)
  3. accept my answer here, indicating that this question was resolved

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