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how to use vsim command to initiate modelsim

Asked by Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran on 1 Apr 2013

how to use vsim command to initiate modelsim... i wrote a code in image processing. i want to initiate modelsim at the output of matlab code and this code should be synthesizable also. i tried vsim command., but unable to find right code


Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran


1 Answer

Answer by Tim McBrayer on 1 Apr 2013
Edited by Tim McBrayer on 1 Apr 2013

Have you examined the documentation?

>> web([docroot '/hdlverifier/ref/vsim.html'])

Without any specific details about how you invoked the command or what output you received, it's hard to provide help.

You should also look at the published examples for HDL Verifier to see how vsim is used successfully in practice.


Tim McBrayer

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