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calculate upper and lower confidence interval values

Asked by Jules Ray

Jules Ray (view profile)

on 1 Apr 2013

Hey dudes...

i have a question about to create confidence intervals from a number of points.

i have a table named "sea", contains 2 rows the first one is the time and the second one is the elevation


 1000 -45
 1100 -40
 1200 -30
 1300 -25
 1400 -10
 1500 0
 1600 -30
 1700 -65
 1800 -40
 1900 -55
 2000 -40

what i need is to calculate the upper and lower confidential intervals (99%, 95%, 90% and 60% of confidence), and then plot this intervals using this function.

thanxs in advance for any idea

1 Comment

Tom Lane

Tom Lane (view profile)

on 2 Apr 2013

First you should think "confidence intervals for what?" I assume you will treat time as fixed. Are you fitting a model of elevation over time, and you want confidence intervals for parameters of that model? Or are the times just different observations, and you want to fit a probability distribution to the elevation values and compute confidence intervals for parameters of that distribution? Or ...?

Jules Ray

Jules Ray (view profile)


0 Answers

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