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Mohammed Saleh

Size Distribution code for analysis

Asked by Mohammed Saleh
on 2 Apr 2013

I have a black and white images containing different individual granules of different sizes. Is there a code to find the size distribution?. If possible, I would like to calculate the area of the individual particles in the image.

|||||Many thanks.|||||


1 Answer

Answer by Jeff EA
on 2 Apr 2013

If your "black and white" images are binary images, and you have the Image Processing Toolbox, then you can simply feed them into REGIONPROPS:

stats = regionprops(binary_image, 'Area');
granule_areas = [stats.Area];

This returns a structure, stats, which contains each object's area, which is then turned into a vector, granule_areas. At that point it's up to you to decide how you would like to calculate their distribution.


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