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Simulink "MATLAB function" block, port width mismatch.

Asked by Andrew Trahan

Andrew Trahan (view profile)

on 2 Apr 2013

Error from embedding code in a "MATLAB function" block in Simulink is as follows:

" Port width mismatch. Input 'input3' expects a signal of size [128xxx1]. The signal received is of size [128x1]. "

I'm not even exactly sure what a signal of size "[128xxx1]" would look like, so any information is helpful. Thank you.

1 Comment

Kaustubha Govind

Kaustubha Govind (view profile)

on 3 Apr 2013

Have you configured the input size in the Ports and Data Manager? What is it set to?

Andrew Trahan

Andrew Trahan (view profile)


0 Answers

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