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Translation in x & y

Asked by Fabo
on 2 Apr 2013

How can I find the translations in the x & y coordinates in order to align edge detected images. I have 3 edge detected images and I want to align the second and third parts(G&R) to the first(B).

How can I do this using the 'circshift' function. As I want to Use the sum of squared difference metric to measure how well images match:

Sum of squared differences: sum( (image1-image2).^2 )

I want to record the displacements in x&y that were used to align the parts for each image

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circshift is unlikely to be correct for this purpose.

Please give us a sample.


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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 2 Apr 2013

Your method will be, well, let's say "suboptimal." You might want to give imregister() a try. You can run it on either on the original images or the edge detected output images.

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Here's my demo of normalized cross correlation which can be used to locate one image in another:

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 2 Apr 2013

doc imregister

I have also found this one to be very fast and efficient:

It does not minimize the sum of squared differences, though. It instead maximizes the normalized cross power spectrum.

Implementing your own minimization of SSD should be fairly straight forward, simply a for-loop over a few different ranges.

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on 9 Apr 2013

How would I do a for-loop for the ssd, Im new to matlab

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