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Get specific data from text file

Asked by FeiMing
on 3 Apr 2013

I have a text file containing collected raw data. I am only interested in the three columns . How can I get only these three columns in a matrix. I tried

data= importdata('testfile.txt');

as a result I have the requested matrix data, textdata and colheaders. My question is how can I get only the data and omit the txtdata and colheaders.

There are five rows before starting collecting data.Like this, for example :

Interval=	0.001 s
ExcelDateTime=	4.1286505976192129e+004	2013-1-12 12:08:36.343
TimeFormat=	StartOfBlock
ChannelTitle=	XXXXX	XXXXX
Range=	5.000 mV	5.000 mV 

after that there are there three columns(numbers) that I want to extract them. So I do not want the upper mentioned five lines to be included.

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see textscan, ... '%*f' skips a column


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Apr 2013

Use textscan() with HeaderLines set to 5 and format set to '%f%f%f'

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fid= fopen('TestFile.txt');

C= textscan(fid,'%f%f%f', 'HeaderLines',5);

it gives C<1x3 cell> every element contains 40256x1 double

but no data/numbers, 40256 reflects the number of sampled data in every column.

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