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MATLAB Engine and licensing

Asked by Szabolcs
on 6 Apr 2013

Can someone point me to the description of any restrictions on distributing MATLAB Engine applications (source code an binaries)? Can compiled binaries be legally distributed?

(Note that in order to run engine applications, one must already have a licensed copy of MATLAB installed. The question is only about distributing the engine application binaries, not MATLAB.)


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 7 Apr 2013
 Accepted answer

If you compiled your code then you can distribute it, though I think your compiled binary application (a standalone executable I assume) will still need MCR run time library installed even though your users would have the full blown MATLAB installed.


The linked document specifically says that MCR is not used for MATLAB Engine.

Yes, the application is a standalone executable. As Walter Robertson said, it does not need the MCR, but it does need a full MATLAB installation to work. The question is about distributing the compiled engine application only (the users will already have a licensed MATLAB installation)

If everyone involved has full MATLAB licenses, I'm not sure why there should be any license concerns. You can distribute m-files, and compiled standalone programs, so I don't know why things should be any different for whatever you're distributing. But you can call them on Monday and ask.

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