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times sign in matlab

Asked by Locks on 7 Apr 2013


I am looking for a sign with I can use to write the times-sing (*), but in the midddle. I used this:

text(8.3,1,'\delta \times Stock','color','k');

unfortunately \times gives me just a cross as the times-sign, are there other possible times signs (star as above but in the middle of the line, dot ....)?

Thanks for your help!




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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2013
Accepted answer

The available TeX symbols are shown in and click on "TeX Character Sequence Table"


Locks on 7 Apr 2013

there they just used the *sign, so there is nothing else?

Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2013

Possibly \circ or \bullet or \o ?

Locks on 7 Apr 2013


Walter Roberson

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