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Veena desai

How do i take a image snapshot of a GUI to insert in word file

Asked by Veena desai
on 9 Apr 2013

I have generated a GUI in MATLAB .I need to insert the snapshot of the GUI result in my report. How do i save the GUI snapshot.

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"GUI result" what's that exactly?


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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 10 Apr 2013

Use export_fig(). You can find it on the first page of the File Exchange:


Answer by Yao Li
on 10 Apr 2013

You want to snapshot the whole GUI panel or just axes on the GUI panel?

If you just want to snapshot the whole GUI panel, make the GUI window active and press Alt+Prnt Scrn then Ctrl+v to paste the figure to word or any other file.

If you want to snapshot the axes on the GUI panel, I may send you the codes later.


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