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How to fix this error "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation"?

Asked by Ara on 11 Apr 2013

Hi Everyone,

Could you please help me how to overcome this error?

Error: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
Error in ==> xlsread at 325
    rawData = DataRange.Value;



Ara on 11 Apr 2013

Thanks to explain me. I tried and those lines gave me an empty excel file but still Matlab can not run to read the rest of the operations and again give me the above error.

Jan Simon on 11 Apr 2013

@Ara: No, I asked for the line of code you use to call XLSWRITE. But the posted error message is revealing, that there is a problem with the Excel server. Which Excel version do you have installed?

Ara on 11 Apr 2013

@Jan: I did not call XLSWRITE in my code and I think this is the main problem that Matlab shows "not enough storage". I guess I have to write a new function and then call the other process, right? Btw, the Excel 2010 I am using.

@ Friedrich: It's ok to process all the data for 4 months but when exactly it start to read files from the fifth month then the error display.

Please let me know your suggestions?




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0 Answers

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