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Enfa White

Probability distribution and statistical tool

Asked by Enfa White
on 12 Apr 2013

1) MATLAB “disttool” enable us to see the influence of parameter changes on the shapes of the pdf and cdf. However, there is a limited number of distributions supported by this tool. How can I observe the changes of pdf and cdf for the rest of the distributions which are not supported by "disttool"?

2) MATLAB “random” function enable us to generate the random numbers as per the probability distribution. This function also only supported a limited number of distributions. How can I generate the random numbers for the rest of the distributions which are not supported by "random" number?

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Tom Lane
on 13 Apr 2013

What distribution or distributions do you need?

Some distributions such as logistic are not listed in the help for the random function, but they do work. Only the distributions shown in the drop-down list for disttool will work for that tool.


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