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Making a splash Screen for my Gui program

Asked by Mikkel
on 14 Apr 2013
Latest activity Answered by Sean de Wolski
on 6 Jun 2014


I've just finished my gui program and of course I run into a new problem. When I want to start my Gui program it takes about 30 seconds for it to start up. I have to go to my Task Manager to see what's going on.

What I want to do is make a splash screen like the one matlab has, same picture and everything. But I'm very confused. Do I make a new gui with the small picture and then what do I compile it with? Because if I use the Windows Standalone Compiler then the picture will also take 30 seconds to open, or what? And that doesn't solve my problem but only moves it into a new gui.

I would like a dummy script where I can see what is going on, and what I need to do?

I don't understand if the splash screen has the other gui inside of it, or you just make a short-cut where you press the splash screen and when the other gui starts up the splash screen closes.

As you can see I'm totally new to this concept, so I really need some help.



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4 Answers

Answer by per isakson
on 14 Apr 2013

A link to Undocumented Matlab: Splash window for deployed applications


on 15 Apr 2013

Yeah thanks, have been looking at that for a while now, but still cant make that splash screen. Because if you make a short-cut where can you put that line that doesn't give you an error?

I've tried to make a notepad that I then afterwards change to a program. But that doesn't work.

per isakson
on 15 Apr 2013

I cannot contribute much besides that link. However, the fact that the post exists at Undocumented Matlab and offers a special app, Splash, indicates that the task isn't trivial. (Given that the MCR load time is an important part of the total loading time.)


  • Isn't it possible to make a wrapper in a different language that shows a splash screen and starts your Matlab program?
  • Any Matlab based solution will be unreponsive while the MCR loads.

Answer by Adam Filion
on 15 Apr 2013

Search for 'splash screen' on the MATLAB File Exchange, there are a number of entries that can do this for you.


Answer by Jia Tsing Ng
on 6 Jun 2014
Edited by Jia Tsing Ng
on 6 Jun 2014

Tried a few solutions people have posted, and I find this to work brilliantly!

Took me awhile to find it, so I'm now posting it here!

Extremely grateful for their effort, and since it's a VB wrapper, changing icons etc are all possible!


Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 6 Jun 2014

In R2014a, you can select a custom splashscreen icon in the application compiler app:

It will show before the 30s MCR spooling starts.


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