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C Zeng

save a large data to mat file

Asked by C Zeng
on 14 Apr 2013

Hi, I want to save a large data 3^14*1000 double precision to mat file, however, matlab reports error as:

Warning: Variable 'a' cannot be saved to a MAT-file whose version is older than 7.3. To save this variable, use the -v7.3 switch. Skipping...

And it cannot be saved.

I can change the precision to single but it is still very large, >1 GB. Is there a way matlab can save large data to a mat file? Thanks.




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1 Answer

Answer by Jakub
on 14 Apr 2013
 Accepted answer


C Zeng
on 14 Apr 2013

so use: save('a.mat','a','-v7.3'); Is it HDF5 file?

on 15 Apr 2013

type help h5write. your solution might be working as well

C Zeng
on 16 Apr 2013

Thanks, Jakub, which one is better? I think there may be many ways to handle it, right?

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