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Yavuz kaya

Memory Management of functions

Asked by Yavuz kaya
on 15 Apr 2013

I have a general question about memory management of functions in Matlab.

As far as I know, once the Matlab quits a function, all the memory allocated for that particular function is deallocated from memory.

I have created the following code

while true



Here is the CalVaues function


function a=CalValues



So, basically I am continuously calling a function (a=CalValues) inside a while-loop. After one hour of continuous running the script, I realized that the memory allocated for Matlab is increasing continuously too.

When I break the while-loop with Ctrl+C, then the memory is deallocated. I was wondering Why the memory keep growing in RAM? There is nothing else inside the while-loop.

Is it possible that the Memory is not been deallocated if you call a function inside a while-loop? or till you are really outside of while-loop?

Thanks, Yavyuz

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With R2012a 64bit, Win7

  • Are you seeing an increase of approx. 20KB in Memory(Private working set) of Task Manager?


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