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filtering of multiple harmonics

Dear all,

       I have the signal of vibration data, the fft plot of which shows multiple harmonics/frequencies. I am trying to filter out all except particular frequency harmonics, that i need for further processing. I have no idea of any filtering tools in matlab. Can someone refer me material i can use to write a code for the above purpose.

Thanks, Shravan.



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1 Answer

Answer by Gökçen
on 11 May 2011
 Accepted answer

Hi Shravan, If you have a signal processing tool box, you can use the FDA tool(filter design and analysis tool) to design a band bass filter by specifying the pass band frequency. (type fdatool to command window). You can export the filter ciefficients to workspace later.

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Hi Gokcen, Thank you for the reply. Also, pls let me know that after designing the filter parameters, how do i use it on my data that needs to be filtered.

Thanks, Shravan.

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