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making a new matrix with the other matrix elements.

Asked by Ayob
on 21 Apr 2013

I want to build a matrix with the element of the other matrix in a special condition. my first matrix is something normal for example: A=[8 11 9 5]

but second matrix or needed one is something different that I call it B matrix here ,every three elements of matrix B are made up of one element of matrix A.

For example,if the second element of matrix A is 8,we know that 4th,5th and 6th element of matrix B are 3*(11)-2 , 3*(11)-1 and 3*(11)

There are many solutions to this problem for example I can do this:

A=[8 11 9 5] B=[3*A(1)-2 3*A(1)-1 3*A(1) 3*A(2)-2 3*A(2)-1 3*A(2) .... ]

but this is an ugly form solution and may matrix A and B are changing size every loop, I searching for MATLAB special solution in matrix calculations which are fast and need less code writing.



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1 Answer

Answer by Iman Ansari
on 21 Apr 2013
 Accepted answer


A=[8 11 9 5 10 15];
B=[3*A-2; 3*A-1; 3*A];

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