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Changes in the "Import Data" interface in R2013a?

Asked by Holger

Holger (view profile)

on 22 Apr 2013

After upgrading from R2012 to the current release I am more or less unable to use the "import data" interface to import ascii files into the workspace. Anything more complex than some kilobyte csv-files without headers won't work.

Scanning a 5MB tab-separated file with some header lines and a few NAN cells takes minutes and results in an empty matrix. Opening the same file in an editor, e.g. Pluma takes a second and the content looks OK. QtiPlot also imports the file quickly and the visualizing the data works fine.

Trying to use the import function on a large file (500MB) forces MATLAB to crash.

Importing the same files (large and extra large) into the R2012 release on the same machine worked fine. When I use textscan I can process the data normally, all further steps work fine.

Any ideas what could be wrong or how I can make the import function work again? It used to be convenient, as I have quite a variety of single, different-formatted files.

Thanks, Holger

1 Comment

the cyclist

the cyclist (view profile)

on 22 Apr 2013

I don't see a lot of traffic here related to the Import Data function. I'm a fan of it, too, but I am not sure I have used it since updating to R2013a. I will try to explore.

In the meantime, I suggest you submit a bug report as well.


Holger (view profile)


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