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Calling a C function from MATLAB

Asked by seldeeno
on 22 Apr 2013


I have one question: While I successfully create a dll file for my C file via MinGW, whenever I call my file with certain parameters I keep getting an error that is related to that this code in C returns NULL , any ideas please?

 #ifdef WINDOWS
  hLibrary = LoadLibrary ("fcnsuite.dll");
  hLibrary = dlopen ("./", RTLD_NOW);

And this gives "failed to load procedure"!!!


What you are saying is exactly what I have and the loadLibrary is the thing that is not getting the dll right and hence says that the procedure in the library is not found:

"procedure g06 not found in library file!Error using mlbsuite failed to load procedure"

Jan Simon
on 23 Apr 2013

In which folders does LoadLibrary look for this dll-file?

It is in the same folder as the C and .m files


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1 Answer

Answer by seldeeno
on 23 Apr 2013

Ok people I got it to work. Actually I had to create the dll of the function using a command like: mbuild file1.c file1.exports with function names in this file1.exports and that did the trick

Thank you all for your comments!


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