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How Labeling objects in grayscale image in matlab

Asked by pabudi abeyrathne on 23 Apr 2013

Hi all,

I work with pathological image. and at the middle stage of the my method i give 0.3 gray value to background and 1 for the objects, and also there is pixels that does not belong to any of those. that pixels are in 0 gray value. Using this image i want to give label 1 to background and then i want to label objects start with 2. for seeded watershed. Can any one tell me how can i do this.. if you want i can upload this image.

Thank you all.

Best Regards, Pabudi.


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Apr 2013

Please upload the image. You can use imquantize() followed by bwconncomp() and regionprops().


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