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does MATLAB is used in cameras?

I used a canon model camera. It tracks face exactly.. Plotting the border of face in red color. Does MATLAB is used in cameras to track face?


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Apr 2013
 Accepted answer

Most probably not. They had face tracking in cameras long before MATLAB offered the Computer Vision System Toolbox.


"Matlab is used in a system" does not mean, that the system is a computer, on which a Matlab implementation is started. E.g. the parameters of some automatic brake systems of cars have been determined by Matlab and the software running in the embedded system has been created by Matlab. But of course you cannot open a command window on the micro-controller and check if the why command runs fine.

Simulink, especially, can be used to generate code that can be deployed to embedded processors. What ends up running on the processors is not MATLAB or Simulink but rather compiled C (or C++)

MATLAB and Simulink can be used in the design process, and then C / C++ or VHDL code can be generated (more thoroughly for Simulink products than for MATLAB itself.)

My "fairly surprised" with regards to this being done for cameras is due to the fact that cameras are usually designed with very tight code, both for efficiency and for die size: manufacturers compete down to the grams of weight level, and definitely compete on the performance level. If I were designing a performance camera, I would probably be asking for SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) rather than regular processors... though the practical requirement that only specialty cameras can tolerate cooling systems would influence architecture choice.

FLIR uses MATLAB HDL Coder to generate HDL for FPGAs in their thermal imaging systems:

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