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Matlab File Exchange on github

Asked by Diego
on 25 Apr 2013
Latest activity Commented on by David@MW
on 28 Apr 2014

Hey everyone,

Just wondering why there isn't a stronger matlab presence on places like github? I think it would be great for users to upload their submissions to github and that way any changes/forks/etc can be tracked and users can share contributions more efficiently! Also, its great practice for users to start developing version control into their daily workflows.

What do you guys think? Does anyone know of a version controlled repository on matlab? I personally went through the File Exchange pick of hte weeks for 2012, 2011 and 2010 and picked about 20 that I thought might be immediately useful to people in my lab and threw them in dropbox, complete with licenses, examples etc. including a link to their specific pick of the week blog entries.


File Exchange submissions can now link directly to GitHub repositories.

Just adding a link with info on this...


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1 Answer

Answer by Jim Hokanson
on 19 May 2013

I agree. I think the main problem is that the somewhat authorative presence of a place to share Matlab files by TMW lends itself towards most people not looking to GitHub (or others) for code.

As you point out, the FEX lacks a collaborative nature. In addition many projects are out of date, filled with bugs that people have documented in the comments that haven't been fixed, and not relevant/useful given other postings on the FEX or elsewhere.

There is of course always the link exchange, which is a way of bringing people in from TMW website to places like a GitHub repository. Unfortunately I never find myself searching the link exchange, and I imagine there are many others that tend to forget about it (or maybe not). I think it would be better if the link exchange were merged with the file exchange.

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If you use google and search on then the search includes the link exchange as well as the file exchange.

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