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Simulink in Matlab 2012b

Asked by Matt
on 27 Apr 2013

i am using 2012b Matlab in my laptop. when i bring a file from my disktop which uses matlab 2011b,it didn't work in laptop? it says..... Error using ThermalScript (line 68) ** Error **

Anything i should set?

Thanks in Advance!


Walter Roberson
on 27 Apr 2013

Is that the entire message? Or does it say something like "Subscript out of range" or talk about a missing function or variable?

Kaustubha Govind
on 30 Apr 2013

I wonder if this is an error about the MEX compiler not being set-up. Have you run "mex -setup" on your R2012b installation to select a supported compiler?



0 Answers

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