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IF statement Test for "Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled"

Asked by Ross on 28 Apr 2013


I have a GA running a stiffness matrix. This involves inverting a large matrix. Using the function inv() in some cases the warning message is returned from inv()

"Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled"

I understand the error and i know the why this error occurs. (The GA choses a extreme solution) is there a way of testing for this.


if Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled == true %throw out solution end

As sometime a badly scaled solution becomes the optimum i would simply like to remove all badly scaled solutions but i need a way of testing for the condition.


1 Comment

Matt J on 28 Apr 2013

I don't have the specifics of what you're doing, but using inv() is often unnecessary and performs poorly, esepcially with large matrices. You should be using A\B instead of inv(A)*B.



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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist on 28 Apr 2013

The cond() function returns the condition number.

>> doc cond

for details.


the cyclist

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