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add elements to an existing vector

Asked by Locks
on 1 May 2013


I have a vector where I would like to add 5 NaN at the beginning. When I am doing it for one NaN, it's working fine, but not for five

This code worked fine:

lastDelta = [NaN;delta(1:end-1)];

and creates me a new vector that consists of one NaN and all the element of the existing vector delta except the last one

however, this code here is not working:

lastDelta = [NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;delta(1:end-5)];

Has anybode an idea what I am missing?



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2 Answers

Answer by Lam
on 1 May 2013
 Accepted answer

You mean adding or replacing?

This works for me:

delta = [1;2;3]

  1 Comment

on 1 May 2013

I am looking for a way to create a new vector that contains 5 NaN and then all the elemets from vector delta, except for the last 5, due to the fact that both vectors should have the same length

Answer by Youssef Khmou
on 1 May 2013

hi, try this :

 R=rand(1,10); % initial vector
 New=[add R];

  1 Comment

on 1 May 2013

it's working now, one of the series had just not enough elements, thanks

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