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More efficient code for placing variables in one line?

Asked by Brian on 3 May 2013


I've been looking for a while but I can t find any solution. Is there surely a better way than this to define elements:

j= j+1;
     MMG(j, 1)=j;
     MMG(j, 2)=1;
     MMG(j, 3)=xc + r
     MMG(j, 4)=xc - r
     MMG(j, 5)=yc + r
     MMG(j, 6)=yc - r
Apologies, this is probably basic, I couldn't find anything




1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist on 3 May 2013
Edited by the cyclist on 3 May 2013
Accepted answer
MMG(j,1:6) = [j,1,xc+r,xc-r,yc+r,yc-r];

1 Comment

Brian on 3 May 2013


the cyclist

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