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find and ismember are not working for one number in a vector

Asked by Ralf Sch on 3 May 2013

Hey, I am new here and I searched a couple of time for my subject but I could not find anything. My question: I have a vector x=0.4:0.02:0.6; When I try to use "find" [find(x==0.42) --> empty matrix] or "ismember" [ismember(0.42,x) --> 0] to find the indexes of the numbers it is working for all number except the number 0.42. Can somebody tell me how that is possible and how I can solve this issue? Kind regards



Ralf Sch


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2 Answers

Answer by Ralf Sch on 3 May 2013

But how can I solve this problem then?


Iman Ansari on 3 May 2013
Ralf Sch on 3 May 2013

Thank you

Ralf Sch

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