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Ankit Gupta

Error using imread (line 368) ; File "..." does not exist

Asked by Ankit Gupta
on 3 May 2013

Hi all, I am getting this error , can please any tell what I am doing wrong, as file do exists.

myFolder = 'C:\Users\Ankit Gupta\Desktop\image\'; if ~isdir(myFolder) errorMessage = sprintf('Error: The following folder does not exist:\n%s', myFolder); uiwait(warndlg(errorMessage)); return; end filePattern = fullfile(myFolder, '*.png'); pngfiles = dir(filePattern); >> im1 = imread(pngfiles(1).name) Error using imread (line 368)




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1 Answer

Answer by Iman Ansari
on 3 May 2013
 Accepted answer

Hi. change your current folder to myFolder:


or use this:

im1 = imread([myFolder pngfiles(1).name])


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