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How to get the desired frequency in simplified synchronous machine?

Asked by chethan
on 4 May 2013


when i simulate the model using simplified synchronous machine the output frequency is not proper. The parameters which i am supposed to use to get a frequency of 400Hz is N=6000(the input to the model is 628rad/s), pole pairs=4. when i give this parameter i don't get a freq of 400Hz, why is this? is there any other parameters that i have to change? if so please help me.


It's not easy to help you when don't even check if your uploads work. Again, no photo copy, and no code...

sorry, i don't know how to upload the pic here. and my simulation is very simple. i have a simplified generator connected to the RLC load. and for an electrical engineer the above given information is enough for him to just build the model in less than 2min. i thought you would do tat and give some useful solution. Anyways thanks Robert :) thanks for your consideration.

I also need da same thing ,want to measure the frequency...and its variation after increasing load.........plz help me tnx....


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1 Answer

Answer by John Doe
on 6 May 2013
Edited by John Doe
on 6 May 2013
 Accepted answer

The electrical frequency is, as stated in the comments:

f_elec = poles * f_mec / 2

I was wondering what you were doing, because I can't see where you get in trouble. In a synchronous machine, the output frequency is only a function of the number of poles, and the rotor frequency, nothing else.

Since I don't know how you achieved 0.153Hz, I asked to see your model, so that I could try to figure out where your error is.

Thus, the answer to your question: "Is there any other parameters that i have to change?" is No, nothing else must be changed.

Best of luck!


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