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how to incorporate input in state space model while solving it by ode45

Asked by jasaswini mohanty on 5 May 2013

i want to solve state space model of a bldc motor by ode 45. it is working without input(with initial condition) but, now i want to incorporate the input. how to do that? my program is-

function xdot=fcn1(t,x)
xdot(1)=-573.77*x(1)-0.5128* fcnfa(x(5))*x(4);
xdot(2)=-573.77*x(2)-0.5128* fcnfb(x(5))*x(4);
xdot(3)=-573.77*x(3)-0.5128* fcnfc(x(5))*x(4);
xdot(4)=2564* fcnfa(x(5))*x(1)+2564* fcnfb(x(5))*x(2)+2564* fcnfc(x(5))*x(3)-10*x(4);

the fcnfa, fcnfb,fcnfc are some functions that are already defined.

and the inputs are 3 phase voltage each 120 degree apart and load torque. so, how to pass these inputs into the program. will making these inputs global will work? if yes, then what will be the command of ode45 in that case?



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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 5 May 2013

I'm not sure what you mean by "inputs". Perhaps you are looking for:


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