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How to shift the origin or how to make median of the data to be origin or zero?

Asked by Micky

Micky (view profile)

on 9 May 2013

I have an array with some Floating point data in it. I basically want that mean or median of the data should be origin or zero. How could one make changes to solve this issue.

For example : aa = [ 126.2694 126.5572 126.7761 126.9034 126.5753 126.8071 128.5295 127.3070 126.3656 127.1065 126.2752]

I know there is a function to calculate the median of this data which is bb = median(aa); and that gives: bb = 126.7761

Now, I want median to be the origin of the aa array. How should I proceed?



Micky (view profile)


1 Answer

Answer by John Doe

John Doe (view profile)

on 9 May 2013
Edited by John Doe

John Doe (view profile)

on 9 May 2013

Do you just want to substract the median value? In that case:

cc = aa-median(aa);

Now the median of cc = 0.

Hope it helps =)

- Rob


John Doe

John Doe (view profile)

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