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how to create a mat file of a given image with the same file name?

t=imread('a.jpg') is the code. my output mat file should be a.mat what is the code.


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Answer by Lisa Wu
on 10 May 2013
t = imread('a.jpg ');
save('a.mat','t');   % save the varible t to a.mat 
 Usage of function SAVE is :save (FILENAME ,VARIABLES)
 and both filename and varible should be a string , 
 for example ,filename shoule be 'filename.extension ';
 Know more about SAVE ,you can type Help save in command window 

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if the file name is a.jpg, then i should get a.mat... if the file name is castrol.jpg, then i should get castrol.mat... file names are random. user can select any image downloaded from google.main objective is to create a mat file automatically with the same file name itself..

Answer by Yao Li
on 10 May 2013



to define the name of the mat file

For example, filename='a';



You may also have to create a function to remove the extension of the figure name (.jpg)

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ok. is it mandatory to remove the jpg extension? If yes... then how to remove it?

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