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Reset button in Matlab GUI

Asked by Matt
on 10 May 2013


I am working with Mat lab GUI and it works. But I need to add a reset button so that that when the user wants to input other parameters, it clear all the input data and figure of the previous result.

Any idea please how to implement this.

Thank you





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2 Answers

Answer by David Sanchez
on 10 May 2013
 Accepted answer

In the reset button callback function just add the code to modify the boxes you need to reset.

set(handles.yourbox1,'string',num2str(0)); ...

once the user inserts the new values in the corresponding boxes, these will overwrite the old ones, if you code works as it should.

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on 10 May 2013

Thanks! I also found this answer!"Say your GUIs name is MYGUI. Then put this in the callback for the pushbutton:

close(gcbf) mygui

And it also resets all data on the Edit box! BUt still i cant reset the plots on my axis! How can i do this?

Answer by David Sanchez
on 10 May 2013

to reset the plot use:



help clf

for all the information you'll need


on 10 May 2013

Thanks again!

I add clf(handles.Diagram1,'reset') before the plot command and every time it plots it overwrites the previous fig! This is nice! But one more thing I need is. when the user press the Reset button like all the box are empty when i use [close(gcbf) mygui] I want also to see the plot axis to look empty at the beginning. When i click the Reset button it still shows me the figure from previous plot although it reset it with new figure when the result display!

So i just need my plot axis to look empty when i click the reset button. How to achieve this?


Hi, I think what you want to do is:


If Diagram1 is the tag to the axes object in your gui. I found clf didn't work as expected so changed to cla and upon pushing the reset button in my gui it cleared the figure to be blank.

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