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True Justification (start and end in the static text margins)

Asked by Alfonso
on 10 May 2013


I have a static text I have to show in one gui, and i need it to have a true justification, i mean the text must start and end in the static text margins in left and in right, but i cant find any Uicontrol Properties :

that helps me and :

didn't help too.

Anyone has tried this?.

Thank you in advance.




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2 Answers

Answer by Alfonso
on 14 May 2013


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 May 2013

There is no uicontrol() property for that. I do not know if it could be done by accessing the underlying Java.

That kind of justification is only done for proportionally spaced fonts, and is achieved by adding extra spacing in between words. MATLAB does not provide any tools for placement of characters at specific pixel boundaries within labels of uicontrol.

The closest to that would be to switch your axes so that its units was Pixels, adjust the axis Position and xlim and ylim so that one data unit corresponds to one pixel, and then to text() every single character into place individually (_not_ using uicontrol.)


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