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How to do if else condition?

Asked by troy
on 11 May 2013


Anyone have idea how to do if else condition?

I have pixel value of AA(i,j)<507x507 double> and BB(i,j)<512x512 double>. I want to do if value of AA(i,j) and BB(i,j) exceed 15 (>15) it will return to "Th" if not it will return to "Offset".

>>(i,j) is row and column for pixel value of an image.

I hope u understand what i need since i am beginner in Matlab and image processing.


Do you care that A and B are different sizes? What do you plan on doing when i and j are 508 to 512 and you can check only on B, not A?

See my image segmentation tutorial : It's helpful to beginners.

on 14 May 2013

actually i want to find threshold value and Th is Th(i,j). Same for Offset(i,j).

can I fix AA and BB, declare as:

AA(i,j)=(507:507); BB(i,j)=(507:507); like that?

thanks for the tutorial..

507:507 means the list of numbers starting from 507, incrementing by 1, until 507 is reached, and so would be equivalent to just 507 itself.

If you are trying to preallocate A, then

A = zeros(507, 507);


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 May 2013
 Accepted answer

if AA(i,j) > 15 & BB(i,j) > 15
  ... do something
  ... do something else


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