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where is my code gone wrong,suggest me if any is always showing case 5 ie, no noise even though noise is applied .is the code is right?

Asked by ARUN SAI
on 12 May 2013

clc; clear all; close all; i = imread('mandi.tif'); %demosaic of image rgb = demosaic(i,'bggr'); figure,e=imshow(rgb); m1=mean2(rgb); SD1=mean2(stdfilt(rgb)); snr1=(m1/SD1) h = imrect(gca, [1688 547 850 900]); f = makeConstrainToRectFcn('imrect',get(gca,'XLim'),get(gca,'YLim')); setPositionConstraintFcn(h,f); % masking mask = createMask(h,e); for i=100:1:200 for j=100:1:200 rgb(i,j)=imnoise(rgb(i,j),'gaussian',0.01); end end figure,imshow(rgb); r=rgb;g=rgb;b=rgb; r(:,:,2)=0; r(:,:,3)=0; g(:,:,1)=0; g(:,:,3)=0; b(:,:,1)=0; b(:,:,2)=0; m = size(rgb,1) n = size(rgb,2) for i=2:1:m-1 for j=2:1:n-1 A1=abs(g(i,j-1)-g(i,j+1)); B1=abs(g(i-1,j)-g(i+1,j)); end end for i=3:1:m-2 for j=3:1:n-2 A2=abs(2*b(i,j)-b(i,j-2)-b(i,j+2)); B2=abs(2*b(i,j)-b(i-2,j)-b(i+2,j)); end end for k=2:2:m-1 for l=3:2:n-1 x=[k-1,k+1]; y=[l-1,l+1]; up=(A1<B1)&(eq(A2,B2))&eq(max(abs(2*g(k,y)-g(k-1,l)-g(k+1,l))),l-1); down=(A1<B1)&(eq(A2,B2))&eq(max(abs(2*g(k,y)-g(k-1,l)-g(k+1,l))),l+1); left=(A1>B1)&(eq(A2,B2))&eq(max(abs(2*g(x,l)-g(k,l-1)-g(k,l+1))),k-1); right=(A1>B1)&(eq(A2,B2))& eq(max(abs(2*g(x,l)-g(k,l-1)-g(k,l+1))),k+1); no=(eq(A1,B1))&(eq(A2,B2)); level=(A1>B1)&(A2>B2); erect=(A1>B1)&(A2<B2); end end p=[1 2 3 4 5 6 7] TH=[up down left right no level erect] p_TH=p(TH==1) switch p_TH case 1 g(i,j)=(g(i-1,j)+g(i+1,j)+g(i,j+1))/3; g(i,j-1)=g(i,j); case 2 g(i,j)=(g(i-1,j)+g(i+1,j)+g(i,j-1))/3; g(i,j+1)=g(i,j); case 3 g(i,j)=(g(i+1,j)+g(i,j-1)+g(i,j+1))/3; g(i-1,j)=g(i,j); case 4 g(i,j)=(g(i-1,j)+g(i,j-1)+g(i,j+1))/3; g(i+1,j)=g(i,j); case 5 g(i,j)=(g(i-1,j)+g(i+1,j)+g(i,j-1)+g(i,j+1))/4; case 6 g(i,j)=(g(i-1,j)+g(i+1,j))/2; case 7 g(i,j)=(g(i,j-1)+g(i,j+1))/2; end s=r+g+b; figure,imshow(s); m2=mean2(s); SD2=mean2(stdfilt(s)); snr2=(m2/SD2)




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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 12 May 2013


explain it clearly ie, with respect to the code

If it's your code, why do you need it explained to you? And why will you not use the debugger like 99% of all other MATLAB programmers?

this code is written by me, but even though i applied noise it is showing that there is no noise and i need help regarding the code..,

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