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list various image similarity features

Asked by pammy
on 13 May 2013
Latest activity Commented on by sehreen
on 5 Feb 2014

i've divided the image into overlapping blocks. can anybody tell me the methods for comparing the similarity of two image blocks?

intensity mean and glcm mean i know. except these two what other methods are that i can use?

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Hi pammy u might have done ur project n i am also working on the same project can u please help me and tell me how to divide the image into overlapping blocks.

1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 May 2013
Edited by Image Analyst
on 13 May 2013
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There are literally thousands upon thousands of things you can measure about an image. No one can list them all. You have to say what you're looking for and measure only those things, and not waste time measuring the thousands of other things that you could possibly measure. For example, you could measure SSIM (<>, PSNR, area fraction, length of your widgets, concentration of fluorescent dye, amount of radioactivity, number of people, speed of cars, equivalent circular diameters, morphometrics, volume of logs on the timber truck, quantity of heat emanating from the building, or countless other things.


on 14 May 2013

sir i agree with you.

m working on a project related to COPY-MOVE IMAGE FORGERY DETECTION. i've divided the image into overlapping blocks and i want to detect the duplicated block. for this i've used INTENSITY MEAN AND GLCM MEAN but the results are not good.

now can u tell me similarity features related to this task?

I've never heard of that type of forgery and don't know what the forged images look like compared to originals. I don't work in that field.

on 15 May 2013

like from the original image one part is copied and pasted on to the same image in somewhere else. if there is leaf in the image than this leaf can be removed or hide by some other portion of the image let say by grass

this is my original image without tampering

tampered image

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