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problem with ssim function

Asked by angel
on 14 May 2013

i've divided the image into overlapping blocks and size of each block is 2x2. but when i used the ssim function it shows the result as


why so?

like if

        a=[191 161;198 197]
        b=[201 191; 166 195]
       the result produced is -inf

plz help me to do so




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1 Answer

Answer by Iman Ansari
on 14 May 2013
 Accepted answer

Hi. It's default window:

window = fspecial('gaussian', 11, 1.5);

If input images has smaller size than 11*11 (it's window size), the output became -Inf. You may change default window:

a=[191 161;198 197]
b=[201 191; 166 195]
K(1) = 0.01;					% default settings
K(2) = 0.03;					%
window = ones(2);
mssim = ssim(a,b, K, window);


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