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Ritwik Das

Sir/ Madam, Can you help me how to fit luminanace in polynomial equation??

Asked by Ritwik Das
on 14 May 2013

Respected sir , I am doing blood glucose error analysis in digital image processing . I need a help on polynomial equation graph ?? Can you reply me as early as possible ?? I need your email contacts for sending file. Regards, Ritwik


Jan Simon
on 14 May 2013

Neither "as early as possible" nor distributing email addresses matches the nature of this forum. We are all volunteers and help, when we have time and appetite. And the public discussion is the core of all internet forums. So I suggest, you post the relevant part of the code here (by appending it to the question, not as answer or comment) and ask a specific question.

I don't know what the "polynomial equation graph" is. Do you have a formula for it, or an image, or a web link to refer us to? I don't give out my personal email address.

Ritwik emailed me the paper. My response was

Fitting the data with a 6th order polynomial?? Taking averages and not giving confidence factors or standard deviation?? This has the appearance of being sloppy mathematics!!
Did the results vary if other wavelengths were used? If so then how? 
I do not trust this paper. I would not create a project based on it without having first obtained their experimental data and re-analyzing it and cross correlation to other measurement tools.


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