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Code for finding extrapolated value when two point are given?

Asked by S
on 14 May 2013

there are two point A (x1,y1)and B(x2,y2) given trying to extrapolate at third point c(x3,y3). I am knowing the value of A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2), How can I compute the value of C(x3,y3).



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2 Answers

Answer by the cyclist
on 14 May 2013

You can use the MATLAB function interp1() to do extrapolation. Read

doc interp1

for details.

Be careful. Extrapolation is a tricky business.


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 May 2013


Or just use standard geometry... y = m*x + b, m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)


on 16 May 2013

For extrapolation how can I write, I think this is for interpolation?

Matt Kindig
on 16 May 2013

This formula will also do extrapolation.

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