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error message for wrong data loaded

Asked by Lenka Misenkova on 14 May 2013

Hi everybody,

In my GUI I´m loading data and storing them into variables X and y. The a value is entered by user.It looks like that:

if (a==1)
 X = loaddata(:,1)
 y = loaddata(:,2)
if (a==2)
X = loaddata(:,1:2)
y = loaddata(:,3)

But I would like to add an error message in case that user load the wrong data set if he set the value a is equal for example to 1. Do you guys have any idea ? TY for help



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 May 2013

See error() and warning() and warndlg() and disp() and fprintf()


if ndim(loaddata) ~= 2 | size(loaddata,2) ~= 3

Thank you ver much that works

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