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any images in a listbox

Asked by Myumyun
on 14 May 2013

Hello, I'm trying to create a gui. My code generates about 8 images . And all these images have to come in a listbox.Is that possible? And is it possible to select a few of them and then save them? I want thing of this sort(right part)-images, text, tabs and ...




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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 May 2013

It is only possible if your images are very small (e.g., no more than about 20 pixels by 20 pixels.) Otherwise the best you can do is to put image names (or other identifying information) in the listbox and use the listbox value to determine which images are to be used.

But what you show in the link looks like a mix of text and a plot to me, not an image.


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