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EXE witout MCR... is it possible?

Asked by Mario
on 15 May 2013

Is it possible to create an executable that will run on a Windows system without these software:

I created exe files but I think they only work with Matlab MCR. I do not want to uninstall my 2 versions of matlab to do the test. How can I do it? What settings should I use when compiling? thanks




2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 15 May 2013

You cannot do it with the MATLAB Compiler product. You can do it with MATLAB Coder product. (Provided, that is, that you happen to have restricted yourself to the subset of routines that MATLAB Coder supports.)


Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 May 2013

You need the MCR - your deployed app won't run without it. You can install the MCR on your development machine to test your deployment. The MCR will happily co-exist with the full blown MATLAB development environment on the same computer, so don't worry about having to uninstall any versions of MATLAB to test your deployment.


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