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how do i turn off the anova1() display option?

anova1() outputs a table and boxplot for each anova performed... the manual says that i can turn this "display option" off but it does NOT say how... my original code is p(k)=anova1(Z) i need something like p(k)=anova1(Z, ,'off') % middle input,'group', is left blank(no groups)... i have tried a few variations but i keep getting error messages



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2 Answers

Answer by john borsellino on 16 May 2013
 Accepted answer

one way to turn off the display for anova1

p(k)= anova1(Z) % original code line

change to

p(k)= anova1(Z,[],'off') % empty brackets tell matlab there are no groups...the 'off' references the display option and tells matlab to not show these tables and charts


Answer by Tom Lane
on 16 May 2013

Right idea but put an empty array between the commas:



i just found it myself thanks for your reply though...

i answered my own i actually learning matlab(==mindblown)

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