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chia hua

How to fix color global map overlap with frame?

Asked by chia hua
on 19 May 2013

Hi I want to create a global map with colored filled.

But I find out the map always overlap with the frame,

I have tried uistack but it doesn't work, how can I fix this problem?

thank you!!!

This is my code

h=axesm ('stereo','Grid', 'off','MapLatLimit',[ys 90],'Origin',[90 120 0],'Frame','on','FLineWidth',2,...
axis off
coast = load('coast.mat');
h1=geoshow(, coast.long, 'DisplayType','polygon','EdgeColor',[0.7,0.7,0.7],'FaceColor',[0.7,0.7,0.7]);

This is map figure I draw


Walter Roberson
on 19 May 2013

We do not have permission to access that document.

chia hua
on 26 May 2013

Hi I update the link , it ok now.

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