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matlab code to generate background noise in a color image

Asked by ARUN SAI on 19 May 2013

provide the code to generate background noise ie, white spot like in a color image





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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst on 19 May 2013

Were my responses in your duplicate question not what you were looking for? You could have continued the discussion there instead of posting a new question like it's brand new.


Image Analyst
Answer by Michael Nauheimer on 19 May 2013

How much noise is wanted? And do you want Gaussian white noise or just random noise?

If you image data is saved in A, I would say you could add Gaussian white noise by doing as shown below.

thesize = size(A);
noisesize = 20; % You choose!
for i = 1:3;
  Y(:,:,i) = uint8(double(A(:,:,i))+wgn(thesize(1),thesize(2),noisesize));

And then you output data should be in Y with white noise added.

1 Comment

Image Analyst on 19 May 2013

No, he wants salt and pepper noise like he stated in the duplicate of this:

Michael Nauheimer

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